Oil Search was incorporated in PNG in 1929. It operates all of PNG's currently producing oil and gas fields and has a 29% interest in the PNG LNG Project, a world class liquefied natural gas project. The Company also has exploration activities in PNG and the Middle East / North Africa. Find out more

Oil Search has a 29% interest in the PNG LNG Project, the largest development ever undertaken in PNG. The Project, which commenced first LNG sales in May 2014, will quadruple Oil Search’s annual production volumes from 2015 onwards and transform the Company into a significant LNG exporter. Find out more

The construction of the PNG LNG Project establishes an excellent platform for further LNG growth in PNG. Oil Search is pursuing a two pronged LNG growth strategy, focused on maturing gas resources in the PNG Highlands and the Gulf region, to underpin the development of further LNG trains. Find out more

Oil Search operates five oil fields and one gas field, all located in the Highlands of PNG. While the fields are all mature, they are highly profitable and the Company has been successful in slowing their natural production decline rate through active well management and infill/near field drilling. Find out more

While Oil Search’s key exploration focus is on finding more gas, the Company believes significant potential remains to find more oil close to the existing oil fields in PNG as well as in the Middle East and North Africa. Find out more

One of Oil Search's core objectives is to leave a positive legacy in all areas in which it operates. As such, Oil Search is committed to conducting its business in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Find out more