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Hides GTE

Location Southern Highlands Province, 80 kilometres north-west of Kutubu
Permit PDL 1
Oil Search's interest Oil Search owns 16.6% of PDL 1 and owns 100% of the Gas-to-Electricity Project
Operator Oil Search Limited
Recent production (net to Oil Search)

2014: 5,675 mmscf gas and 0.12 mmbbl condensate
2013: 5,513 mmscf gas and 0.12 mmbbl condensate
2012: 5, 267 mmscf gas and 0.11 mmbbl condensate

2P Gas Reserves - end 2014 net to Oil Search 6.9 bscf gas

The Hides gas field, located in PDL 1, was discovered in 1987. It is a large anticlinal structure, approximately 30 kilometres long and five kilometres wide.

Gas production commenced in 1991 with the development of the Hides Gas-to-Electricity Project (GTE). The Hides GTE Project consists of a pipeline (PL 1) connecting the Hides 1 and Hides 2 wells to a small gas conditioning plant at the Hides Production Facility (HPF) located in the Tagari River valley. Sales gas is then used by the Porgera Joint Venture to generate electricity in an adjacent facility. The electricity is transmitted to the Porgera Gold Mine by overhead wire. Condensate produced along with the gas is distilled into naphtha and diesel which is used within the Hides facility and sold into the local market, with the balance transported by truck to the Central Processing Facility at Kutubu for export.

Oil Search owns 100% of the GTE project and is Operator. The gas is sold under a long-term gas supply contract which was revised in the first half of 2012.